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Israel Patent Ip-law New Amendments

Israeli Patent Office works under the guidance of Israeli Ministry of Justice and was appointed by the Assembly of the PCT Union in September 2009. The term Ip-law stands for intellectual property laws and the things covered under this term include copyrights, patents, trademarks, designs and appellations. According to the patent act created and passed by the Israeli parliament, Israel patent search Office is the sole authority for granting an examination waiver.

It is sad that there are no intellectual property courts working in Israel at this time. This is mainly because of lack of resources; however, these conditions are not expected to last long. The original manuscript of Israel patent act was prepared in 1967. There have been a total of 10 amendments in this act since then. The latest amendment has brought some new changes in it. According to new recommendations, besides paper submissions, applicants will have to file applications through digital media such as DVD or CD. Any claims, designs or descriptions will be filed through PDF files.

They have set two publication dates for patent applications. The first date comes shortly after submission of application. The first publication is an indication that an application was filed by this person with this title. The second publication includes entire specification and documentation and takes place after examination. After this publication, they open the file for public inspection.

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